The Award-Winning Sharrow Propeller™

Revolutionary propeller design. Revolutionizing the boating experience.

The introduction of the Sharrow™ Propeller has revolutionized marine propulsion. By innovating a patented, loop-shape propeller design, Sharrow Marine has delivered the first major advancement in propeller technology since the 1830s—along with incredible performance gains for boaters around the world. 

Early adopters of the latest in prop technology have experienced the field-tested benefits first-hand, including up to 30% more fuel efficiency at 2500-4000 RPMs, up to 30% greater range, up to 50% more reverse thrust, and the ability to maintain plane at 500-1000 RPMs lower than the standard prop.

“We tested the Sharrow props against my Honda SS props and found that the Sharrow props delivered from 10% to 25% better performance. The 2 items that I noticed immediately were that my boat planned quicker at a lower rpm and the speed at each rpm increased. As of now, I have spent 8 days on the water with the Sharrow props and am even more convinced that they are indeed the future of propulsion!"

- Heber S. (25’ SEA CAT / TWIN HONDA 150 HP)

2022 Marine Power Innovation Awards
Innovation Awards Winner — Miami 2020

The Sharrow Propeller design has been recognized both within and outside the marine industry and is a four-time award winner, including being named to TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023.

Engineer-Guided Model Selection for Dialed-in Performance

The Sharrow Propeller is engineered for performance, and manufactured for you. 

Each Sharrow Propeller is made-to-order, not pulled off the shelf. Our application engineers assess model, fit, and performance to select the perfect prop for each customer’s boat and motor combination. We CNC machine each stainless steel propeller to the customer’s specifications, right here in our manufacturing facilities in Detroit. Once the prop is complete, custom propeller fitting from our team ensures each customer gets the exact performance upgrades they need to take their boating experience to the next level.

Transform your boating experience

The Sharrow Propeller benefits go beyond the numbers. Often, what means more are the less tangible performance improvements that enhance your entire experience on the water.

The Sharrow Propeller is dramatically quieter than the standard prop, with noticeably less vibration. This reduces sound fatigue, enables easy conversation with others onboard, and allows fishers to get closer to their catch.

With markedly less slip, improved tracking at slow speeds, and additional thrust, the Sharrow Propeller makes boats easier and more comfortable to drive.

Increased reverse thrust and easier docking reduce stress when bringing your boat to a stop–either quickly or at the end of your cruise.

And for the thrill-seekers: The Sharrow Propeller offers significant speed increases at mid-range RPMs and superior handling at high speeds.

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