“If you would have told me that I could bolt something onto my engines and save 20% on fuel while increasing the holeshot, of course, I would not have believed it. If you had told me that this same product would quiet the engine sound down to the point that I no longer had to shut the cabin door to reduce noise; I would not have believed that either. The proof is in my reduced GPH fuel burn, the savings at the pump, and the quiet conversations that are now the norm with the door open. Before sharrow propellers, discussing the concept of a 30’ x 9’ hull’s holeshot was not feasible. Well, my concept of reality has been forever “Sharrowed”.”

— Tom Nelson, The Outdoor Line, 710 ESPN Seattle

“Love my Sharrow props! Mid-range has improved dramatically. Getting on plane is great. Operates efficiently. It has dramatically changed and improved the overall profile of my boat."

— Juan V. (Pursuit OS 325 / Twin Yamaha 300 hp)

“I just installed my Sharrow prop and took her out. The boat is transformed! I can feel the faster acceleration. I can easily hold a 16 MPH plane at 3800 RPM. Easily hit 5400 at WOT. Less fuel burn across the range. Here’s the icing on the cake. I can’t tell any difference in the pull it takes to turn the steering wheel when on plane and turning port or starboard. Steering wheel torque pull is now basically non-existent. And auto pilot works great due to this!"

— Lynn M. (Jeanneau NC 895 / Yamaha 300 hp)

“We tested the Sharrow props against my Honda SS props and found that the Sharrow props delivered from 10% to 25% better performance. The 2 items that I noticed immediately were that my boat planned quicker at a lower rpm and the speed at each rpm increased. As of now, I have spent 8 days on the water with the Sharrow props and am even more convinced that they are indeed the future of propulsion! I feel that my boat shows visible improvement in all areas such as getting on a plane quicker, overall speed, handling on turns, docking and fuel consumption. In short, I could not be happier with the Sharrow props for they have exceeded my expectations!"

— Heber S. (25’ Sea Cat / Twin Honda 150 hp)

“We have fitted the Sharrow propellers and have the following feedback: The propellers definitely improve the boat’s ability to reverse and there is far less vibration when the motors are in reverse. The propellers provide improved grip when underway and we experience absolutely no cavitation (this was not always the case with the standard propellers). The motors now reach a slightly higher RPM of 6000rpm at WOT. The Standard propeller only allowed the motors to reach 5800rp. Overall, we are happy with the performance of the new propellers!"

— Hermann E. (Gemini 780 / Twin Suzuki 200 hp)

“Wow! In life there are only two things you cannot replace — your time and your mind! My joy and reward is being on the water… your prop has now given me more time, or joy! It’s given me something I cannot get back! That’s all I have to say! Congrats on creating something that improves the quality of life!!! Put the prop on and went out: 21-27 mph @4100-4800rpm. 97 miles total – 55 gallons of gas. The previous trip with my old props was 110 miles – 97 gallons of gas! I have 5-6 friends who would like to try this prop out!”

— Tyler A. (23’ Robalo / Yamaha 250 hp)

“I have installed my new props. There are a few points where this prop really shines. Time to plane: Faster. When traveling at 30 mph doing a 180° turn, the boat loses only 1-2 mph and holds in the turns with a strong torque throughout. The old props would drop off to about 17-19 mph then need to power up again… Top end is about the same. There is a strong feeling of control and better tracking in moderate seas. I am having a hard time explaining all the benefits, but I was ready to sell the boat as I did not like the handling. Now I love the boat! Thanks for building a great and revolutionary product. Well done, Masters!”

— Gene B. (32’ Boston Whaler Conquest / Twin Mercury 400 hp)

“Very happy with the performance. I’m saving as much as 40 gallons of gasoline on our typical offshore trip. With the price of fuel today, that is significant. We enjoyed working with all of you at Sharrow Marine.

— Jon A. (36’ Twin Vee / Twin Yamaha 300 hp)

“I absolutely love my new Sharrow Prop! Everyone out at the lake and the marina is talking about it. Another customer purchased a prop for his boat last week after he saw how the Sharrow performed on my boat. I’ll never go back to my standard prop!”

— John G. Harris (Grand Mariner 250 / Mercury 300 hp)

“I’ve done comparison testing of the Sharrow prop versus my standard prop. At 2500 RPM, the speed has increased with the Sharrow by 42%. At 5800 RPM, I saw a 4% increase in speed! For offshore fishing, it’s a meaningful difference that will make economic sense.”

— Niels M. Harris (Grand Mariner 250 / Mercury 350 hp)

“Doing absolutely great so far. Saving money on gas.”

— Robert P. (23’ Boston Whaler / Single Mercury 350 hp)

“Love the Sharrow prop you made for me. I’m receiving all the performance things you claimed I would.”

— Mark L. (2302 Trophy Pro / Single Yamaha 225 hp)