Sharrow CX™
Sharrow CX™
Sharrow CX™
Sharrow CX™

Sharrow CX™

  • Made in USA
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all orders
  • Lifetime Warranty

Cost Per Set:
Mercury V12: $11,995
Mercury Bravo III: $8,995
Volvo Sterndrive DuoProp: $8,995
Suzuki 300 or 350: $8,995

Get started today with $100 deposit per set

Estimated shipping in spring 2026

Introducing the Sharrow CX™ for Contra-Rotating Sterndrives and Outboards.

Owners of runabouts, bowriders, and cruisers equipped with Volvo, Mercury, or Suzuki outboards or sterndrives that require sets of contra-rotating propellers will find Sharrow’s CX Propeller particularly appealing, as it offers enhanced efficiency with superior agility and maneuverability, and is customized to each boat’s specifications. The dual contra-rotating design optimizes lift and control, ensuring a smooth and responsive boating experience.

After your reservation deposit is placed, a member of the Sharrow Marine team will contact you to collect specific boat, motor, propeller information, and operational use. Sharrow Marine will then use that data to select the perfect Sharrow CX™ design for your boat.

Each Sharrow CX™ comes with a Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturing flaws or defects and is eligible for our Lifetime comprehensive Sharrow Care™ Protection Plan, which covers repair costs in the event of accidental damage to your propeller while in use on your boat.

Balance is due before your propeller ships. 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all orders.

Innovation Awards Winner — Miami 2020
2022 Marine Power Innovation Awards