Sharrow Engineering Granted Additional 42 Patents For Groundbreaking Propeller Design

The SHARROW PROPELLER™ design, which increases efficiency as much as 40% percent, now has 78 patents around the globe

With new patents granted in Chile, Hong Kong, Philippines and Vietnam, Sharrow Engineering now has a total of 78 patents to protect embodiments of the unique SHARROW PROPELLER™. Securing patent protection across the globe advances Sharrow Engineering’s efforts to rapidly deliver a more efficient propeller technology to boat motors and, ultimately, other propeller-driven systems.

“With these new patent assignments, we are positioned well for manufacturing, joint-venture and licensing opportunities in multiple market segments around the world for our propellers,” said Greg Sharrow, founder, and CEO of Sharrow Engineering, who is working to more than quadruple the company’s manufacturing output by 2023.

In addition, the company has filed more than 100 patent applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and foreign patent offices to protect the intellectual property rights for the Sharrow Propeller™. Already, patents have been awarded in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Europe (14 countries), Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Russia and Taiwan – with many other patent applications pending in countries around the globe.

The SHARROW PROPELLER™ has garnered widespread attention for its innovative, new design that offers some of the largest improvements in fuel efficiency and performance that the boating industry has ever seen. Sharrow Engineering won the coveted Innovation Awards at the 2020 Miami International Boat Show.

Robust consumer demand for the new SHARROW PROPELLER™ is rooted in the fact that the design offers a host of performance improvements including higher speed per rpm, better handling, reduced vibrations, and a stronger propeller in general, and that it is as much as 40% more efficient than the industry-leading propeller designs.

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