Sharrow Marine Wins Prestigious 2022 Boating Marine Power Innovation Award

The Marine Power Innovation (MPI) awards recognizes those manufacturers who advance the state-of-the-art in marine propulsion and, in so doing, change the recreational boating experi­ence for the better.

Sharrow Marine announced today that their flagship product, the revolutionary Sharrow MX™ Propeller, has been awarded the prestigious 2022 Marine Power Innovation (MPI) award from Boating Magazine. The Marine Power Innovation Awards honor makers of marine propulsion prod­ucts that substantially advance the state of the art and/or substantially impact the owner experience.

Boating is both pleased and proud to award Sharrow Marine the 2023 Marine Power Innovation Award. Our independent A-B testing proved the value of the Sharrow Propeller to boaters and the substantial advancement of powerboating that comes with it," said Kevin Falvey, Editorial Director for Boating.

The Sharrow Propeller™ has garnered widespread attention for its design that offers some of the largest improvements in fuel efficiency and performance that the boating industry has ever seen. Sharrow Marine also won the coveted NMMA® Innovation Awards at the 2020 Miami International Boat Show. The Sharrow Propeller™ is available now for all major outboard manufacturers: Yamaha, Mercury, Honda, Evinrude, Suzuki, Johnson, Nissan, OXE, and COX.

“We are honored to be the 2022 recipient of Boating’s Marine Power Innovation award,” said Greg Sharrow, inventor of the Sharrow Propeller and President of Sharrow Marine. “After 12 years, it is gratifying to be recognized for creating a product that gives virtually all powerboat owners the ability to improve their boat’s performance without having a costly re-power or boat upgrade. This remarkable propeller gives new life to both new boats and old ones, enabling boat owners to have a more satisfying boating experience.” Sharrow said.

Over the last four years of both independent and factory testing, the Sharrow Propeller has proven to provide the following benefits over standard blade technology: more command of the vessel when docking, up to 30% greater range, significant speed increase at mid-range RPMs, up to 30% more fuel efficient between 2500-4000 RPM, planes at 500-1000 lower RPM, noticeably less vibration, up to 50% more reverse thrust, dramatic noise reduction, and superior handling in tight turns at high speeds.

BOATING and the Marine Power Innovation Awards:

As the world’s largest powerboat magazine and marine media brand, Boating presents the first annual Boating Marine Power Inno­vation Awards (MPI). Advances and impacts may be, but are not limited to: efficiency, economy, performance, ease of use, ease of maintenance, harnessing new technology, engine controls, propellers and drive com­ponents, monitoring and more.

Categories - There are no fixed annual categories for MPI Awards. This maintains the integrity of the awards by not putting us in the position of honoring an engine maker simply to fill a category. That said, there will be multiple Awardees each year.

Selection - In all cases the awardee, or awardees, will be selected by Boating’s editorial staff. Only one awardee per category will be selected. Boating staff must have run the candidate product and produced a published review of it in the year of the award.

Sharrow Engineering, LLC, is a nautical and aeronautical engineering company dedicated to the research and development of revolutionary high-performance propulsion technologies for the maritime and aeronautical industries. Sharrow Engineering is the parent company for Sharrow Marine, LLC, and Sharrow Commercial Marine, LLC. Company offices are headquartered in Detroit, MI. Sharrow Engineering, LLC, has assembled a team of the world’s top aeronautical, nautical, aerospace, and mechanical engineers to assist with the company’s core mission to reinvent the methodologies and technologies used for propulsion in the 21st century.