Sharrow Marine LLC — Sharrow Care Protection Plan

Terms and Conditions


The Sharrow Care Protection Plan covers accidental damage to the Sharrow Propeller™ during normal operations such as, damage that may occur as a result of a log or rock strike while underway during normal recreational boating operations. Under the Sharrow Care Protection Policy, Sharrow Marine will repair the Sharrow Propeller and/or replace the propeller if Sharrow Marine deems the propeller unrepairable, at no cost to Buyer. 


Every Sharrow Propeller™ is automatically covered by the Sharrow Care Protection for a period of 30 days after the original delivery date of the Sharrow Propeller™ to the Buyer. This coverage may be extended for the lifetime use of the propeller so long as the propeller remains on the original vessel and the motor HP and model is not changed. The price for additional coverage is determined by the length of coverage, your propeller configuration, the original cost and material of the Sharrow Propeller when purchased, and set forth on the Sharrow Marine online store at the time of sale.


Sharrow Care must be purchased within thirty (30) days after the original delivery date of the Sharrow Propeller™. Sharrow Care cannot be added to a propeller after 30 days past the original delivery date of the propeller to the Buyer. Sharrow Care can be purchased directly from the Sharrow Marine website here.


The Sharrow Care Protection plan does not cover misuse, mistreatment, negligent operation, or damage due to inappropriate installation. In addition, any attempted modification of the product is not covered nor is normal wear and tear such as scratches, dings, and other cosmetic damage. More than one full propeller replacement is also excluded.


The Sharrow Care Protection Policy covers all shipping and handling related to the shipment of the Sharrow Propeller™ to Sharrow Marine for repairs.


All Sharrow Care Protection Policy claims must be approved by Sharrow Marine before the Sharrow Propeller™ is returned to Sharrow Marine. Any and all returns to Sharrow Marine without prior approval will be returned to Buyer. In order to make a Sharrow Care Protection Policy claim, please fill out the form found here for a “Return Materials Authorization” number (RMA#), and shipping instructions. The RMA# is to be indicated along with our given address on the label, and the shipping carton should include your return shipping address, your phone number, and a copy of your original purchase receipt. The Sharrow Care Protection Policy will not cover any expense of propeller removal, or reinstallation of the propeller.